Riccardo and Anna Lenzi

The Bianchini building in Via del Canto dei Nelli belongs to the family of Riccardo and Anna Lenzi since three Centuries (eights generations). Initially a residential building, during the early years of XIX Century was transformed in a factory of mosaics (before then, it was forbidden to make florentine style mosaics, since it was a monopoly of the Granduke of Tuscany). In the caves there were the ovens, in the floors skilled workers built the single pieces to be assembled, the last floor, well protected by a wooden/iron door still present, was the place of the finished products, for clients to visit and buy.

After a Century, the factory closed, and the building was divided into apartments. On 1999 the building and the apartments were restructured in the actual shape. The management is done directly by Anna and Riccardo, and they often spend few nights sleeping in one apartment or another in order to understand directly how to improve them for the Clients confort.

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